How We Are Different
  Simple is accountable local service.

This is the SuiteHR difference. SuiteHR is distributed and serviced by local independent business owners who are vested in making sure they keep their clients happy. A single point of contact can meet with you, understand your objectives, your culture, your brand, and get to know your people. And if by chance something needs fixing, they can be there in hours and sit across the table to discuss solutions.

Simple is efficient.

Redundant tasks are centralized so that these services a delivered efficiently and at a lower cost. Things like COBRA Administration, Flex Administration, and Payroll processing are best done with a well-trained centralized staff.

Simple is a single database.

One of the biggest problems employers have is trying to connect data from various systems. You can’t make things simple when your technology infrastructure is complicated. There was a time when we had a cell phone, iPod, and camera in each of our pockets. Now we have a Smartphone. There was a time when employers had a human resources system, a payroll System, and a benefits System. Not anymore, they can have SuiteHR. We leverage state of the art technology from a market leading technology vendor.

Simple is worry free.

There are so many laws, you may be breaking laws you don’t know exist. SuiteHR compliance resources and services are designed to make you worry-free. Let us worry about keeping you compliant so you can take care of your business.

Simple is mobile.

SuiteHR is ideally suited for companies with employees and managers who are on the move. The mobile solution has functionality across the workforce management spectrum, including payroll, human resources, time and attendance, and recruitment, and incorporates features designed for out-of-office use.

Simple is a happy corporate culture.

A single sign on combined with straight forward employee self service, an easy-to-use interface, mobile access and reduced HR and benefits paperwork can make your employees happier and improve the image of your corporate culture.

Simple is lower costs.

Integrated technology combined with services and advice increases efficiencies that lead to saved time and resources that lead to lower costs.

We Make It Simple.

Choosing a solution for your HR, benefits, and payroll is an important decision, but it does not have to be a difficult one.

Too often, small to mid-sized businesses default to choosing one of the giant solution providers or an “integrated” system with too many disconnected data sources. Employers run into problems, like:

  • Pay too much for an overly complex solution
  • Poor implementation
  • Data errors
  • Compliance issues
  • No local attention
  • Too hard for employer to manage
  • Too difficult for employees to navigate
  • Too much stress

SuiteHR addresses these issues:

  • A single, all-inclusive solution
  • A single database
  • A proven, scalable technology platform
  • Local, personalized support
  • Consolidated billing
  • ACA support services
  • Easy to manage
  • Easy to navigate
  • Clear, concise, and complete