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Some percent of the employer market is looking to make things simple and purchase a broad range of HR, benefits, and payroll technology and services from a single entity. For this reason, payroll companies, PEOs, new benefits brokers and even HR consultants are expanding technologies and services to meet this market demand. The service providers that have entered this space are experiencing rapid business growth and great success.

If you are a benefits broker or HR consultant and want to take advantage of this opportunity or simply need to protect your existing client-base, then SuiteHR is your answer. You continue to provide your current services. SuiteHR provides the technology and other, additional services. The new combination creates an integrated HR, benefits, and payroll technology and services solution that is in high demand by small to mid-sized employers.

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Do It Yourself Or Offer SuiteHR

Keep two things in mind when making your decision:

  1. This is not easy. If it were easy everyone would do it.

  2. This is much more than finding a partner here or there down the street. There is a big difference in delivering a bunch of technology and services from many vendors and delivering a seamless solution.

  Broker Has To Find SuiteHR Has Found
Single technology platform that integrates HR, benefits, payroll, time & attendance, and recruitment    
Payroll Partner  
COBRA Partner  
FSA Partner  
Wellness Vendor  
Vendor offers these solutions under your brand  
  Broker Has To Create SuiteHR Has Created
New Brand  
Develop Website  
Client Presentation  
Maintain a Demo Site  
New E & O  
Training materials  
Service Warranty  
  Broker Has To Figure Out SuiteHR Has It Figured Out
How to use systems  
Implement systems